Gordin Medical Center

Gordin medical center is a multi-disciplinary office dedicated to high quality patient care. We understand every patient's unique needs and we meet them with personal attention. We believe that expert care is the number one needs of our patients. We don't just treat the symptoms of the disease; we treat the whole person. Our goal is to cure or you rapidly, gently, and lastingly.

Gordin Medical Staff

At Gordin Medical Center we respect your time, and make every effort for a no wait appointment. For each patient our doctors perform a thorough history and evaluation of their condition. We look for the obvious and not so obvious findings that can be easily overlooked in making the diagnosis and developing a treatment plant. Our office provides laboratory tests, diagnostic ultrasounds, and nerve and circulatory studies. If necessary, referrals are made for more sophisticated diagnostic testing such as: MRI, CT scan at convenient locations.

As an adjunctive to two chiropractic manipulation, passive physiotherapy modalities include: hot moist packs, cold packs, electrical muscle stimulation using microcurrent, interferential current and Russian stimulation; and infrared light therapy. An active rehabilitation and strengthening program is done in our clinic to further improve biomechanics and stability for our patients condition.

Gordin Medical Center has the convenient hours of operation to meet the most demanding busy schedules of our patients.